Redefining the Delivery of Healthcare

When an employee is feeling ill, they face decisions about when and where to get care. An employee may struggle to find a doctor, take time off, or access a physician that fits their schedule. Founded in 2016, MyHouseCall is a Mobile Direct Primary Care Company that brings a dedicated clinician and the necessary services to the employee’s home or office.

MyHouseCall, how primary care needs to be delivered

MyHouseCall is the only mobile direct primary care (DPC) solution in your area. We provide in person house AND office calls with all labs, imaging, medications, and physical therapy included!! We help address the cost and convenience that frustrates so many of your employees.

By Partnering with MyHouseCall, Employers can enjoy:

• Reduced healthcare spend – low per member, per month business model

• Easier access to primary care services (typical wait in current systems is weeks or even months)

• Improved talent acquisition and retention with this key benefit

• Reduced absenteeism

• Happier and healthier workforce

• HIPAA Compliant and SSL Security

Get started by learning more about our services in your area, or contact us to learn more.

“Excellent and speedy service with this app. I put in a request for a video conference, and a healthcare professional contacted me within 10 minutes. She was friendly and knowledgeable, She was able to call in a prescription to my local pharmacy. And I never had to leave my living room. Much better than sitting in a waiting room at an urgent care center.”


“We are very appreciative of the service and very pleased with everyone we’ve met.”


“I used MyHouseCall recently when it just was not feasible to go to the doctors and was very happy with the service. I was seen in the comfort of my own home for a reasonable price. Much better than waiting in the urgent care facilities for hours and the provider was professional and very attentive. I picked up a prescription at my local pharmacy within the hour as it was immediately called in by the provider. I would recommend this service as it is convenient and easy to navigate.”


“We appreciate the invaluable service MyHouseCall has provided to our associates. Our associates are thrilled to have an economical option for health care and look forward to your visits.

We truly appreciate all the care the MyHouseCall team provides! From the medical guidance, the healthy eating tips (and food) to the follow-up care.”

Associate Director of HR, Hospitality Industry