“Excellent and speedy service with this app. I put in a request for a video conference, and a healthcare professional contacted me within 10 minutes. She was friendly and knowledgeable, She was able to call in a prescription to my local pharmacy. And I never had to leave my living room. Much better than sitting in a waiting room at an urgent care center.”


“I used MyHouseCall recently when it just was not feasible to go to the doctors and was very happy with the service. I was seen in the comfort of my own home for a reasonable price. Much better than waiting in the urgent care facilities for hours and the provider was professional and very attentive. I picked up a prescription at my local pharmacy within the hour as it was immediately called in by the provider. I would recommend this service as it is convenient and easy to navigate.”


“We are very appreciative of the service and very pleased with everyone we’ve met.”