Our Company

MyHouseCall is your area’s only mobile direct primary care (DPC) solution. We provide in-person house AND office calls with labs, imaging, medications, and physical therapy included!! We help address the cost and convenience that frustrates so many of your employees.

Our Vision

MyHouseCall will become the standard model of delivery for primary and preventative care.

Our Values

  • We believe that access to healthcare is a basic necessity for all individuals
  • We believe that cost transparency is fundamental to patient engagement
  • We believe that care should be delivered based on value and not service
  • We believe that removing the middle man in healthcare helps to reduce cost and provide better care
  • We believe that care should be provided in collaboration with the patient
  • We believe that urgent care is preventative care when provided in the home
  • We believe that healthcare should be affordable and accessible for all employers and employees
  • We believe that healthcare must focus on the best customer experience
  • We believe that healthcare should provide quality care at the lowest possible cost
  • We believe that primary care is the foundation of healthcare