Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did MyHouseCall develop this service?

A: We believe healthcare should be both convenient while still being affordable for everyone.

Q: Why did MyHouseCall set up both a video and house call option?

A: Telemedicine gives us the option to see you for the “simpler stuff”-common illnesses and injuries that can be evaluated via video quickly at a lower cost to you. Our hope is that our providers can readily treat you with the video service. However, when necessary we have a house call option if you are within our service area. If you are too ill for our providers to properly evaluate you and treat you via video you have the option to convert your visit to a house call visit. By having both options we properly evaluate you and the cost of your visit reflects the level of your illness/condition.

Q: What is a telemedicine visit? What can be seen with the telemedicine services?

A: Telemedicine is a medical consultation via a video platform. Phone calls are also considered telemedicine, but for our app we commonly utilize a video consult service. Telemedicine has been around for decades but until recently has only been a niche part of medical care. Smartphones and tablets are now ubiquitous, and this allows you to have a medical provider at your fingertips for consultation wherever you may be.
There is a wide array of medical conditions that can be evaluated and treated with phone or video visits. Cold and flu symptoms, pink eye, rashes, bladder infections, allergies, and many others……Of course each person we see is treated as a unique case and it’s always at the discretion of our providers and patient what can and cannot be treated with the phone or video option.

Q: What devices can I use to make a MyHouseCall request?

A: Our app can run on all of your major Apple and Android devices. These devices include all smartphones and tablets that run these operating systems. We developed both Apple and Android systems to start with because we wanted our services to be accessible for everyone.

Q: Where are the MyHouseCall services located? Why?

A:  MyHouseCall is available throughout all of Allegheny County for your healthcare needs. We do both video visits and house call visits in Allegheny County. However, if you need care outside of Allegheny County, but live within the state of Pennsylvania you can always have a video visit. 

Q: Who are the MyHouseCall medical providers?

A: We have a number of qualified providers to treat your medical needs. We utilize both physicians and nurse practitioners. All our providers are licensed and certified, and have either ER or primary care experience and sometimes both. Nurse practitioners are highly competent medical providers with dozens of studies showing equal patient approval and patient outcomes to physicians. Additionally, we commonly have medical assistants working alongside each provider. The medical assistant will help get your vital signs and get basic labs done to expedite your care.

Q: What services does MyHouseCall provide?

A: We provide a number of medical services for our patients. We do many standard labs you would find at your doctors’ office. Please refer to our price list for all services, supplies, and labs we offer. We also do minor surgical procedures including draining abscesses, removal of small foreign bodies, and other minor medical procedures. We also can order X-Rays for house call visits as needed. 

Q: Can I use MyHouseCall services for my business?

A: Yes. If your business is located within our service area we can provider services to the business owner and/or employees for many medical needs. Also if you happen to need employment physicals for your employees we can provide these for a number of employees on site. That way your workers won’t have to take time off work which saves them time and vacation days. By the same token employers don’t have to find coverage or have unnecessary downtime from an absent employee.

Q: Is my health information protected?

A: Yes. Myhousecall went to great lengths to ensure that our app was fully HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.  We have followed all protocols to ensure the highest level of security for your PHI (Protected Health Information) We ensured this security in a number of ways: 1) End to end data encryption  2) Secure cloud hosting ( 3) Secure Video stream (