MyHouseCall, a ​ mobile direct primary care company, is making an impact on the healthcare industry as increased medical costs, lack of physician accessibility and worsening customer service plagues the industry. 

The company allows both employers and employees to save time and money by bringing a dedicated clinician and the necessary services to the employee’s home or office. 

MyHouseCall offers a flat $35 per employee per month fee for self-insured employers which includes all dependents in the household. There are no deductibles or copays for employees or family members, and the service compliments Employer-Matched HSA’s while offering Direct Primary Care Services instead of costly fee-for-service care.

“These days, when good health is becoming more of a priority to individuals and their families, proper healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege,” said Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of MyHouseCall. “Every day, we are working to redefine the delivery of healthcare and ultimately change people’s lives. We want to create a better experience for patients and allow them to remain proactive, not reactive.” 

On demand services within the app include house calls, physical therapy, mobile imaging and basic labs. The company also supplies more than 500 medications, included in the service cost, that can be mailed to the individuals’ homes.

The service lowers both anxiety related to visiting doctors offices for employees, and paid sick time for employers, resulting in a win-win situation for both. 

Clinicians are available via the app seven days a week.

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