Your Mobile Primary Care Partner

Physical Therapy

Instant access to high-quality physiotherapy. A simple text helps the person get pain-free, stay pain-free, and get back to work. Provided by NRG Physio.


Treatment may include one of our broad selection of over 500 medications included with our services. These medications cover the most common chronic and acute conditions.

On-Demand House Calls

On-demand and dedicated clinicians triage the medical needs of the patient. They do not have to wait or travel for an appointment. We see them where they are.

Basic Labs & Mobile Imaging

X-rays and ultrasounds, and labs are available in the comfort of the employee’s home. These services are provided in tandem with the house call to meet their immediate health needs.

All of these services for a flat low rate of $35 per employee per month

One employee covers everyone in their household

An employee went to their primary care doctor to get a check-up for feeling more tired than usual. Their doctor runs basic point-of-care labs, checks the employee, and in under 10-minutes, get them on their way. That 10-minutes of care cost you $450* and not get to the root of the problem.

With MyHouseCall, this is covered within the PEPM cost.

One of your employees children slips on the floor and hurts their ankle. They are taken to urgent care for imaging and receive physical therapy. Over the next eight weeks, this would cost you about $2,000*.

With MyHouseCall, this is covered within the PEPM cost.

*Amounts are estimated based on conservative estimates using CMS data and available resources.